Volunteered with Stuyvesant & NEST+m Key Clubs of @nydkcdivision11 at the Transfiguration School in Chinatown, cataloguing their large library of books. Definitely felt like a secretary after this one. As small as this may seem, teachers being able to provide young children with a large variety of books to read and learn from is quite important - and embodies the Key Club Major Emphasis of “Children: Their Future, Our Focus”. #keyclub #stuykc #chinatown (at Transfiguration Early Childhood School)


Volunteering with @bxscikeyclub and other @nydkcdivision11 clubs at the annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in Flushing Meadows.

Us 6 were on platoons in the middle of the lake, holding down dragon boats and lining them up at the start so that they all start equally. One of the most unique volunteer experiences I ever had.

#keyclub #hkdbf #hkdbf14 #flushingmeadows #meadowlake (at Meadow Lake)


Volunteered for the third year with @bxscikeyclub at the Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium. An amazing experience where I saw inspiring people run to support cancer research. #keyclub #yankeestadium #damonrunyon #runyon5k #damonrunyon5k #thebronx #bronx (at Yankee Stadium)


Spent the morning volunteering with @bxscikeyclub at Summer Streets along 7 miles of streets in Manhattan opened to people and bikes. Helped keep the streets safe for the participants. It was great to see so many enjoy themselves even with the rain at the start :)

#NYC #SummerStreets #SummerStreetsNYC #SummerStreets2014 #people #keyclub


Volunteering for the 4th Annual NYC Poetry Festival #NYCPoFest on Governor’s Island with @bxscikeyclub. #keyclub #governorsisland (at Colonels Row, Governors Island)


It’s a volunteering kind of morning. (at Bowling Green)


Knowing that I’m officially an alumni of Key Club is weird. But in a month when I’m an alumni in practice, that’ll hit me even harder.

Shoutout to @itsdqiu for getting me this pin at #KCCA14.


#20InspiringKeyClubbers Day 20: Danny Qiu (@itsdqiu)
New York District Webmaster

I’m sure many expected this (including him), but Day 20 is none other than one of my best friends, Danny Qiu. I feel like I’m writing his nomination letter for Distinguished Webmaster again. Today is actually the first anniversary of our meeting, so there you go.

He being my best friend isn’t why he’s on this list. He truly is an inspiring Key Club member. For one, as his club’s Webmaster, he was the most active member by hours in his club. Even as a board member hard at work, Danny went well above and beyond the expected amount of service completed. He puts his heart into Key Club. Speaking of his being webmaster, he worked hard to create, maintain, and make relevant a website essentially from scratch that serves as a central location for information related to his club. The amount of time he spent keeping the website up to date is comparable to his hours.

He cares tremendously for the future of Key Club. Never have I seen somebody go to the lengths that Danny has if he thought that the future of the club was at stake. His inspiring me mostly comes from his ability to do whatever he can in his power to bring Key Club, especially his own, up. He’s one of the most recognizable faces in his club (competing with Kalvin) because of his consistent work in his Key Club, even after retiring as Club Webmaster.

On the day that Danny and I met, I walked with him from Times Square to Chinatown. And recently we walked together from East Harlem to Little Neck-ish. And through all of the crazy adventures we’ve been through, he’s always been by my side, there to support and encourage me.

I could go on forever, but I won’t. Danny, I know I only say this when I’m really emotional, but I love you for everything that you’ve done for me. I’m lucky to have had a friend do as much for me emotionally as you have and the second-worst part of not being a Key Club member anymore is that I won’t see you as much (the worst being the Key Club experience, of course).

#keyclub (at Duffy Square)


#20InspiringKeyClubbers Day 19: Jasmine Quindala (@quindollar)
Bronx High School of Science Key Club President

I waited until midnight because I could sneak it in as an 18th Birthday post :) Happy Birthday Jasmine! <3

Anyway, I absolutely love Jasmine’s strong enthusiasm for all things that help others. When she told me that she was running for President, I was immediately disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to stick around for the entirety of her term because I knew it would be one of the best that our already-amazing club has ever had. Maybe it stems from her having been in Builders Club (an opportunity I wish I had), but it’s more likely a conditioned part of her amazing personality.

At VisionWalk last year, Jasmine was such a happy spirit. I remember her making this little boy smile with her energy. I’m glad she convinced me to go to that event. At the Friends of Rockaway event with NYC Young Professionals Kiwanis Club, it was beautiful to see Jasmine truly happy as a result of being a part of bringing a person’s house back to living condition. There’s probably a reason that she was Outreach Committee Chair. At almost every event Jasmine attends, her interactions with the people we’re helping is something that not only makes our impact that much more meaningful, bit I’d something that others should aspire to do at events.

Jasmine is a leader with the warmest heart, as much as she argues that at times and I know that the club is in amazing hands with her.



#20InspiringKeyClubbers Day 18 [late]: Timmy Zhu (@timtimwazhere1)
Bronx High School of Science Key Club Vice President

I’m going to mostly describe my experience with Timmy as a member in order to get across how he’s inspired me. He should already know I think this way about him, as I wrote one of his recommendation letters for the Distinguished Sophomore Key Club Member award. But now others will see it.

For one, Timmy is a very nurturing person. He looks after the younger Key Club members and motivates them to do more. And they receive him so well it’s kind of cute (then again, they do call him “dad”…). He’s also one of the most dedicated kids in our club. And by dedicated, I mean both in hours and in spirit. He knows how to get a crowd to smile, and I personally have really appreciated his ability to be there for anybody who needs him. He’s a really comfortable person to be around. With Timmy around, being a Key Club member truly does mean being a family member.

Timmy is a great leader in the sense that he is able to successfully act as a Vice President when doing such is necessary. However, at events, he is very simply a role model, where people follow him because they respect his general ability to lead as opposed to following him because he is a board member. In my opinion, that quality is one of the best that a leader can have. He doesn’t let his title stop him from doing what brought him to Key Club, as he frequently is seen at events. The Vice President in theory should be the face of the club, and Timmy does a good job of being that face.